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Konfy is organizing online conferences and bringing communities together!

Our conferences

  • Haskell Love is an online conference for Haskell developers.
    The conference talks are devoted to:

    • FP ecosystem with special emphasis on Haskell language;
    • Opensource;
    • Category Theory;
    • Science of Computer Programming;

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  • Scala Love is an online event gathering FP and OOP programmers all around the world. The event took place on April 18th, 2020.
    The conference's lineup was packed with talks about:

    • Scala, the language which supports both, object-oriented programming and functional programming;
    • Language tooling;
    • The implementation's tips & tricks;
    • FP community building.


  • Full Package

    Full Package
    • Track owner training;
    • Attendees management;
    • Registration & newsletter services;
    • Marketing and social media promotion;
    • Sponsor management;
    • Speakers management;
    • Streaming & recording services;
  • Medium Package

    Medium Package
    • Registration & newsletter services;
    • Marketing and social media promotion;
    • Speakers management;
    • Attendees management;
    • Sponsor management;
  • Light Package

    Light Package
    • Registration & newsletter services;
    • Marketing and social media promotion;
    • Attendees management;
    • Sponsor management;

Our podcasts

  • A podcast about the Scala Programming Language and its community

    Scala online broadcast dedicated to developers and fans of FP;

    • Podcast's guests talk about their day-to-day work;
    • The community and the language in general;
    • every episode brings a huge dose of programming news;

  • Individuals from all around the world share their passion and commitment given to software craftsmanship.

    • Various topics covered by experts;
    • Solutions and tools, discussed by its creators and maintainers;
    • Chats about situational and environmental (a history & a community) context of software development.


Community feel

We are experts in creating a community

  • konfy

    Q&A sessions are always highly rated at our events. People like to have conversations with speakers directly.

  • konfy

    Our partners have an opportunity to reach out to the crowd - learn more about JetBrains' experience

  • konfy

    We offer hallway tracks, aka the Hidden Gem of Open Source, where everyone can meet fellow participants!

  • konfy

    Of course, sparkles and bubbles are there - each of our conferences has a virtual party to share experiences


Hungry to learn more? Check out our Youtube channel.

Our leadership

Konfy is built by specialists and aficionados of software development, marketing & business smarties, people who believe in the solutions that matter. They commit their time, to save yours.

Oli has organized and participated in dozens of conference since 2013:

"My journey as an organizer started with a small scientific conference in Novosibirsk, Russia. Since then I’ve been focusing on building communities around the globe.
How do we build caring community? In order to build a safe home, you need a strong construction. We are planning every detail of the conference to make it comfortable for everyone starting with Slack or Discord channels and ending with fun community parties!"

Our focus is community, learn what people say about us

"#scalalove has many more people crossing the ocean than in-person conferences, and virtual conferences should remain part of the new normal."

"Quite enjoying the #scalalove twitch stream. This conference talk format works well. The speakers look more relaxed, and the content has been very good so far."

"Baking bread, cooking a tortilla de papas (Spanish omelette) and attending to the @scala_love conference. This is an awesome Saturday so far!"

"Scala Love is going smoother and technically better than many events we've been to. Great job @scala_love team!"

"Had a fantastic day participating in the Scala Love conference yesterday. No technical issues of any kind and great feeling of participating in real time."

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